For Christ...Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength


The Elementary community learns and grows together, readying students for the increased rigors and activities at the Middle School level.

CHC is anchored by tough academic standards using solid curriculum to develop a strong foundation for learning. We rigorously challenge students in areas of general study as well as special interests and talents. To enhance learning, we encourage exploration through academic services and extra-curricular activities.

Because we value low adult to student ratio, we keep our class sizes at 25 students or lower and provide a half day teaching assistant in each classroom.


At Cherry Hills Christian Elementary, we believe the Kindergarten through Fifth Grade years provide rich moments for a child's guidance and grounding. We provide a place where children are nurtured as divinely unique individuals and learn to value integrity and honesty.

CHC strives to meet and exceed Colorado state standards. We use a variety of resources including current published curriculum as well as solid, thorough and research-based teacher created curriculum. Technology is incorporated into learning through our one-to-one iPad initiative. Students have wide-range of resources at their fingertips.

Curriculum Guides (PDF's) can be found on our Grade Levels page within each grade.

Standardized Testing

Students in grades 1-8 participate in standardized testing every spring. Up through the 2010-2011 school year, CHC administered the Stanford 10 achievement test. Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, we administered the Terra Nova test.

CHC is accredited by and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. We align our standardized testing with ACSI. The Terra Nova test is widely used and allows us to compare our scores to over one million students nationwide as well as other Christian schools nationwide.

The scores on the following downloadable PDF's represent our student's national percentile ranking. These scores are NOT the percentage of correct answers, but rather how our students rank against other students in the nation. For example, a score of 75 in reading means that students are in the top 25 percent of reading scores in the nation.

We are proud of our students who consistently score considerably above the national average with scores in the top 25 percent or greater in the nation.

*Terra Nova testing and scoring is different from CSAP and cannot be compared test to test.

Terra Nova Test Scores Grades 1 - 5

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