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About Us

Welcome to Cherry Hills Christian PreSchool!

We are so pleased that you have chosen or are considering Cherry Hills Christian PreSchool as the educational environment in which your child can learn and grow. In selecting CHC, you are entrusting our staff to partner with you in the intellectual, spiritual and developmental growth of your child. All of us accept this responsibility eagerly and consider it a privilege to serve the Lord and your family.

The 2017 - 2018 school year marks Cherry Hills Christian's 33rd year of a commitment to quality Christian education and nurturing of children. We celebrate where the Lord has brought us and look forward to where he will guide the future of CHC!

Highlights of the PreSchool:
  • Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
  • Full time registered Nurse on site
  • Curriculum activities and instructional strategies are research-based
  • Learning objectives are aligned with the Colorado Department of Education Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines
  • Bi-annual Parent Teacher Conferences for children 3 and older; Toddlers assessed once a year
  • Regular teacher communication via emails and parent newsletters
  • Weekly music class
  • Social Emotional Training & Curriculum
  • Family Events that promote community
Portrait of a Graduate:

By concentrating on the development of the whole child, Cherry Hills Christian PreSchool strives to help lay a spiritual and academic foundation that leads to success in learning, while fostering inspiration and encouragement to grow through the challenges of childhood. Upon completing CHCP, we envision children will have a love of learning that compels them to investigate, ask questions, problem solve and contribute ideas. They will have an appreciation of who they are and what they can do as well as an appreciation for the gifts and talents of others.

Spiritually, children will grow deeper in their faith journey and begin to use a Christian worldview as a filter to make choices. They will see themselves as individuals uniquely created by God with gifts and talents to be developed and used for Him. They will come to know God’s redemptive plan as revealed through the Bible. Additionally, they will express themselves in prayer to God using their own thoughts, feelings and needs.

Children will demonstrate literacy and numeracy skills that are the foundations for academic success. They will develop the ability to think and problem solve in a way that enables them to understand and articulate concepts and apply them to all areas of learning.

On an age-appropriate level, the children will be active participants in a community of learners that cooperates and ministers to others. Children will have the ability to express their ideas and feelings in creative ways. Since we were created to be in relationship with one another, children will use appropriate social skills to relate to their peers and the adults around them.

Affiliations & Accreditation

  • Cherry Hills Christian Preschool is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Click here for more information.
  • Cherry Hills Christian PreSchool is licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services.
  • Cherry Hills Christian is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Cherry Hills Christian is a ministry of Cherry Hills Community Church

What PreSchool Parents Say

Last night our daughter taught us all a new prayer to say before dinner - from how to place our hands together to what words to say. That moment reminded my wife and me why our decision to send her to Cherry Hills was the best choice possible for her. We couldn't stop talking about it last night.

"We loved the caring teachers, the curriculum and the friendships that our children developed at CHCP."
"The location was great for me and the curriculum and teachers were awesome."
"We love Cherry Hills Preschool. Thank you so much for everything you do for our child and our family."

"We really enjoy the program and appreciate the opportunities to be involved!"
I think the new curriculum is fantastic! I have been really impressed with the changes since my oldest attended preschool, especially this year! I feel it is much stronger academically with a great element of center based learning which is teaching gross and fine motor skills along with academics. Keep up the great work!

"Great school, Great people!"
"We loved (our teacher) and her humble and smart and loving ways. We were thoroughly impressed with the preschool program. We will miss you next year as we moved east."
We have been very pleased with CHCP and plan to return in two years with our third child. Thank you for loving our children and for preparing them well for Kindergarten.
"(Our child's) teachers were very sweet and loving. He loved going to school. Thanks for an awesome 2 years."
Great Experience and start to my child's education!

Safe Campus

While on our campus or in the classroom, the physical and emotional safety of your child is our highest priority.

  • Children are kept safe with restricted building access, trained and watchful personnel, parent check-in and planned drills.
  • A Douglas County Sheriff officer is on site at different hours of the day, five days a week.
  • Our facility and program meet the State of Colorado Licensing Requirements, Health Department Requirements, and Fire Department Requirements.
  • All personnel are current in CPR/1st Aid and Universal Precautions, as well as background checks.
  • The PreSchool has a nurse on site throughout the day to respond to illnesses and accidents.
  • Children are taught safety and social emotional skills such as keeping themselves safe, identifying feelings, using our words with others, taking turns with toys, problem solving skills and getting a teacher for help.


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