For Christ...Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength

Spiritual Life

At Cherry Hills Christian PreSchool it is our privilege to partner with parents in laying the foundation for faith development. We strive to help children develop a positive, loving, and caring image of God by modeling those qualities, giving real life examples and by listening and having intentional conversations with children. Because preschoolers are continually interacting with their physical world we make God relevant to their daily lives by integrating thoughts on God creating everything we need and enjoy and God taking care of us.


As preschool educators, we nurture and train the children by teaching from God's word in developmentally appropriate ways and then help them connect to and apply His truths to their play and learning.

  • As Bible verses are repeated, they become memorized in order to keep truth "hidden in their hearts".
  • Since music helps to set words to memory, the children sing and use hand movements to learn Bible verses and other Christian songs.
  • Stories of God's people are presented with interactive methods and children are engaged in conversations for the purpose of discernment toward wise choices.
  • Christian character is emphasized through demonstrations of "other-centeredness" and reflections on loving and considerate behavior.
  • Just as dialogue is the foundation for relationships, prayer is a powerful way to strengthen our relationship with God. We do this in preschool by blessing our food, praying for specific requests shared by the children and as the children are comfortable, by allowing them to pray their own prayers.


A preschool-appropriate guided worship is offered a couple times a year, especially to emphasize the events of Christ's life in special ways (i.e. Christmas, Easter). Our exclusively dedicated music teacher visits the classrooms weekly and prepares songs that relate to themes and Bible stories.

Ministry Outreach

In preschool we teach kindness and caring towards our preschool friends, our teachers, families and then to those in our community. Throughout the year, we provide multiple opportunities for you and your child to show kindness to those in need.

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