For Christ...Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength

Inquiry Based Learning

Kids love to ask questions and we want to create a learning environment where questions drive learning.

Our future is focused on a transformed classroom where students are independent and own their learning. Teachers are facilitators and coaches, stepping aside to encourage students to inquire, hypothesize, research, reflect and summarize. Two models to help us achieve this are Blended Learning Environment and Project Based Learning.

Blended Learning Environment

Our teachers combine face-to-face instruction with online learning. In the primary grades, more guided learning takes place. In secondary and middle school grades, teachers may start with a topic and let the students ask the questions, form the hypothesis and work through research and collaboration to find the answers.

Project-Based Learning

Students are understanding content at a higher level, owning research, problem solving, and having to explain to others. To us this means much more than a student just giving a presentation of material. It encompasses

  • gathering data
  • learning exploration
  • in-depth reflection
  • completion of a creative and technological presentation

Students use a variety of skills such as technical, language decoding, writing, calculation, critical thinking, and creativity. Students learn to discern information, communicate effectively and work collaboratively. When a teacher sees a child learning and succeeding, it brings extreme joy!

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