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What People Say


After all the years I’ve been at this school, I’ve noticed more…I’ve noticed character and I’ve noticed the spirit of joy and happiness. Each morning you can see Jesus shining through them and see His love in all they do.

"CHC is really great because the teachers help you with any mistakes. You’ll have a smile on your face because you know it’s going to be a really great day!"

At this school we are allowed to explore every opportunity possible...having access to technology helps me to have fun in the classroom as well as learn better than before.

"God is here; He is good, all the time; Caring for others through fellowship; walking with Christ together."

Our principals are great and help us work together all the time.

"I like CHC because we can go to chapel and pray for each other."

I love CHC because I love Jesus and I love math!


Love this place. Great choice for our family. Above all - my kids are learning about the Word of God and reinforcing Biblical principals for a lifetime.

Charlsey Mahle

"My boys are thriving at Cherry Hills Christian School. I have seen their confidence, self esteem and compassion grow so much. The staff have really poured their hearts and talents into my children!"

Angie Bushi

Cherry Hills is a best in class school with wonderful teachers and administration. It is a Christ centered school with a focus on not only bringing the best education to our children through technology and loving educators and supporting staff but also building hearts of service in our kids. There is also a huge focus on not just being a place for our kids to go to school but building a community of families to shine God’s light into the world. I couldn't imagine a better place for our kids to grow their faith and education!

Courtney Caton
Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Parent

"There are moments in parenthood when you wonder if you're doing it right....if you're instilling faith how Jesus would....if you're disciplining in a loving, appropriate way. I'm SO thankful to have so many other Jesus-loving adults in my girls' lives. It really takes a village, and this village lets me take a deep breath knowing that if I am missing something (which I inevitably am at times!) there are faithful people to fill in the gaps. So thank you. Thank you for your leadership, your guidance, your wisdom, and for using your God-given talents and gifts to bless countless kids and families."

Shannon Burcham
Kindergarten Parent

Our experience with Cherry Hills Christian has exceeded the expectations we had when we first started our oldest at the school for Kindergarten. We have found the school to have the perfect balance of academics and spirituality that gives our children the solid foundation they will need to navigate the challenges of the world they will inherit. The culture of the school allows opportunities for parents who want to be involved to do so in a constructive way, but also has the resources to be self sufficient for parents who do not have the time or desire to be involved. Truly a school that can satisfy the needs of all types of families.

Shawn and Jennifer Gerdes
Kindergarten and 4th Grade Parents

"I love CHC School because of the academic services they offer. No other school offers certified and trained educational therapists who work with the student, teacher and parent during school hours. They helped my son with his dyslexia; specifically, how to train both sides of his brain to work together. When administrators at other schools told us they couldn’t help us, CHC said 'we have the perfect program for your son'.”

Ashleigh Wallace
Parent of Graduate

Our two sons are alumni of Cherry Hills Christian School. We are grateful for the wonderful teachers and many missions opportunities that allowed our boys to grow in service and love for others. They were well prepared academically and spiritually to enter high school which set them up to participate in honors and AP classes and offer leadership. The school supports the values (integrity, character, Christ-likeness, love, compassion) that we taught our sons at home. We are so thankful for all the wonderful lessons they learned at Cherry Hills Christian!

John and Judy Moore
Parents of Graduates


Working at Cherry Hills has been an incredible blessing. First and foremost, at Cherry Hills Christian, not only is the Bible taught for what it is - the inspired Word of God - but it forms the foundation of all other texts. In reading, math, social studies, science - all academic roads lead to God. It is a true blessing to walk alongside students as they pursue God, even at the ages of 6 and 7. The administration and staff are supportive and encouraging in my walk with Christ and as an educator. I love that I am able to give my students individualized learning and attention to help them grow and succeed academically, emotionally, socially and most importantly spiritually.

Jillian Jerele
First Grade Teacher

"At Cherry Hills Christian, our staff loves God, loves kids, and loves one another - the recipe for success! I love being part of all God is doing in and through our school. What a great privilege it is to work here!"

Wendy Clark
Eighth Grade US History Teacher

I have been so blessed to have been a teacher and a parent at Cherry Hills Christian! For the last 10 years I have experienced so many positive things for my own children and my students. My three children were taught by amazing teachers who love the Lord and also have a huge passion for teaching academics. I have had the privilege to work with staff who support me and the students that they teach. Programs offered for the struggling reader and learner are also a part of why I love CHC. I am thankful that I have been a part of Cherry Hills Christian and have seen the long term results as my children learned life lessons from the outreaches and mission trips that are a part of each grade level. Cherry Hills Christian is my second home where I know the staff will support me and my children!

Christy Gardner
Library Teacher & Parent

"I love Cherry Hills Christian because of the people! It is a positive environment from an employee, teacher and parent perspective. I also appreciate being able to celebrate God and His works on a daily basis."

Rochele Etzi
Preschool Teacher

I have been privileged to spend the last 16 years at Cherry Hills Christian as both a parent and staff member. 'Transformation' is the word that comes to mind when I think about what I love and appreciate most about CHC. God has used CHC to bring about spiritual and academic transformation in the lives of my students. I have witnessed transformation in our families as they are cared for by our community. My own children were impacted by their years spent at CHC. Finally, I have been changed as I have worked alongside godly colleagues who encourage me to grow as a teacher and as a Christ follower. Praise God for His transforming power!

Kelley Geary
Second Grade Teacher

"I love working at Cherry Hills! The people I work with brighten my day, challenge me to do better, think outside the box to help students, and work to make learning come alive for each student. I am also blessed to see my son thrive in this environment as a student. I know he feels safe and loved as he goes through his day."

Shea Goodwin
Second Grade Teacher

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