Our Head of School

Superintendent Robert Bignell

It is with great excitement that I introduce myself as the Head of School at Cherry Hills Christian School. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the south Denver community in this capacity and am resolved to provide a world class, Christ-centered education focused on holistic transformative growth in students, parents, faculty and staff.

It is inspiring to see how God has been preparing me for this role throughout my entire professional career. My passion for excellent Christian Education has been shaped by my twenty years in education as a teacher, assistant principal, dean, and educational consultant. A central theme in my career has been a focus on preparing students for transitions to middle school, high school, college and career.

Most recently, I have been serving as Dean of Academic Development at Valor Christian High School and have had the privilege of serving on the Academic Leadership Team with specific oversight of student learning, incoming 9th grade transition, academic support services, and 9th and 10th grade curriculum. Additionally, I have started four tutoring businesses as well as a middle school for intelligent students who learn differently. As a teacher, I have a variety of teaching experiences that include private and public instruction at the primary, middle school, high school and college level.

PreK to 8th grade are formidable years for students and families and what a gift it is to provide an excellent education that breathes life into students. Every year, I meet with many families regarding educational concerns and it has become clear to me that elementary and middle schools are socially and academically tearing kids down.

It is rare to find a school that builds up ALL students and families. I am more excited about Preschool-8 than ever! I am extremely passionate about creating a school full of learning environments that foster life, worship, growth, creativity and the love of Jesus in their life. Students who learn in this type of environment will be leaders in every stage of their life.

To accomplish this, a major role of the Head of School is to serve administrators, teachers and parents in such a way that all fall more in love with Jesus; and in turn, pour out His love to their students and children.

Your children are one of the biggest gifts in life and I cannot wait to partner with you in teaching, encouraging, training and grounding them in the love and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I am humbled to hold the responsibility of leading a team that provides a Christian education that graduates students who are not only academically prepared for the next level, but who also have a love for God, a love for life and a love for learning.

In Christ,

Matt Cartier