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Cherry Hills Christian is committed to honoring Christ by teaching, encouraging, training and grounding students in God's truth within a dynamic, academic environment.
For Christ...Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength.


Cherry Hills Christian is committed to educating the whole child. Our students' foundation is God's truth found in His Word, the Bible. We strive to provide excellent academics and are equally concerned with the spiritual, emotional and social development of our students. We believe God created each child as His divine masterpiece, capable as learners and uniquely gifted for His purpose. Truth and knowledge are taught through a distinctly Biblical perspective and worldview. A variety of developmentally appropriate instructional strategies and methodologies are intentionally utilized to honor children's individual differences, actively engaging them in their learning.

Since children learn best in a physically, emotionally and spiritually safe and nurturing atmosphere, teachers are committed to supporting the development of positive relationships. Cherry Hills Christian is privileged to come along side each child as they grow in their faith, develop Christ-like character, learn discernment and utilize their God-given gifts and talents to honor Him.

We believe God created each child as His divine masterpiece, capable as learners and uniquely gifted for His purpose.
Education is successful when parents, Cherry Hills Christian and a community of believers partner in this important responsibility where our highest values include:
Relationship - CHC desires that students and staff flourish in their vertical relationship with God and their horizontal relationships with others.
Education - Beginning in PreSchool, curriculum is developmentally appropriate. In Elementary and Middle School, our academic rigor and technology training prepare students for the next level.
Safety - CHC provides a secure campus learning environment where the physical, social and emotional safety of each student is a high priority.
Service - One way students better reflect the heart of Christ is by serving others. Missions and service are essential at CHC. Students grow in their awareness of the world around them and learn to honor Christ by serving others.
Character - We partner with parents to build a child's conscience, confidence and competence. CHC teaches students to demonstrate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Integrated Biblical Worldview - The wisdom, truth and doctrine presented in Scripture has far reaching application across all subject areas. It teaches students to develop discernment as well as knowledge.