Spiritual Life


At Cherry Hills Christian PreSchool it is our privilege to partner with parents in laying the foundation for faith development. We strive to help children develop a positive, loving and caring image of God by modeling those qualities, giving real-life examples and by listening and having intentional conversations with children. Because preschoolers are continually interacting with their physical world, we make God relevant to their daily lives by integrating thoughts on God creating everything we need and enjoy and God taking care of us.


As preschool educators, we nurture and train the children by teaching from God's word in developmentally appropriate ways and then help them connect to and apply His truths to their play and learning.

  • As Bible verses are repeated, they become memorized in order to keep truth "hidden in their hearts".
  • Since music helps to set words to memory, the children sing and use hand movements to learn Bible verses and other Christian songs.
  • Stories of God's people are presented with interactive methods and children are engaged in conversations for the purpose of discernment toward wise choices.
  • Christian character is emphasized through demonstrations of "other-centeredness" and reflections on loving and considerate behavior.
  • Just as dialogue is the foundation for relationships, prayer is a powerful way to strengthen our relationship with God. We do this in preschool by blessing our food, praying for specific requests shared by the children and as the children are comfortable, by allowing them to pray their own prayers.


A preschool-appropriate guided worship is offered at least four times a year, especially to emphasize the events of Christ's life in special ways (i.e. Christmas, Easter). Our exclusively dedicated music teacher visits the classrooms weekly and prepares songs that relate to themes and Bible stories.


In preschool we teach kindness and caring towards our preschool friends, our teachers, families and then to those in our community. Throughout the year, we provide multiple opportunities for you and your child to show kindness to those in need.

Elementary School

At Cherry Hills Christian we endeavor to:
  • Be highly intentional about spiritual formation in our students
  • Help students develop a Biblical worldview
  • Help students grow in wisdom, being able to engage every aspect of life through the lens of Christ and his Word
  • Help students understand and recognize God’s big story: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration
  • Partner with parents to raise spiritual champions


Overview: Bible Curriculum

Building on the Rock is a six-year integrated worldview and Bible survey curriculum for grades K-5. Through these classes, students will learn the truths of the Bible stories and how to interpret and apply them within the framework of a clearly understood biblical worldview.

How We Reach Our Goals

Students spend 30 minutes a day in Bible Class with Biblical integration laced throughout all subjects.

Building on the Rock Focus Area

Worldview Overview: Wisdom, Image-bearing, Fellowship, Stewardship, Servanthood
Bible Survey: Major Bible Stories

1st Grade
Worldview (6 months): Wisdom – Building the foundation of my life on God, my rock, by knowing, loving, and obeying him.
Bible Survey (3 months): God’s Good Plan – The Story of Creation, Fall, and God’s Plan for Redemption

2nd Grade
Worldview (6 months): Fellowship – Building a relationship of harmony with God when I believe Jesus is God’s son and my Savior.

Bible Survey (3 months): God’s Special People – The Calling and Forming of the Hebrew Nation

3rd Grade
Worldview (6 months): Image Bearing – Building a relationship of harmony with myself as I become more like Jesus.
Bible Survey (3 months): God’s Chosen Kings – The Kings of the United Hebrew Nation

4th Grade
Worldview (6 months): Servanthood – Building a relationship of harmony with others as I serve them in love.
Bible Survey (3 months): God’s Brave Messenger – The Prophets’ Messages to the Divided Hebrew Nation

5th Grade
Worldview (6 months): Stewardship – Building a relationship of harmony with God’s earth as I appreciate it and rule over it.
Bible Survey (3 months): God’s Greatest Gift – The Life and Ministry of Jesus



  • To allow students to worship God corporately
  • To motivate kids to be faithful followers of Christ
  • To make room for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and minds of participants, being used as His vessels
  • To keep all of the activities E.P.I.C. (Experiential, Participatory, Interactive, and Connective)
  • To appeal to all temperaments
How We Reach Our Goals
All students participate in a 35-minute weekly worship experience tailored to their age group that includes:
  • Praise/Worship
  • Celebration/Testimony (God Winks!)
  • Confession (Quiet Time)
  • Apostles' Creed
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Praying for Our People (POP)
  • Lesson/Life Application
  • Q/A (Question and Answer) Time
  • Blessing

Parents, feel free to join us!

Kindergarten – First Grade
Thursdays, 10:30 - 11:00 a.m. (Rm 173)

Second and Third Grades
Thursdays, 12:15 - 12:50 p.m. (Rm 173)

Fourth and Fifth Grades
Thursdays, 1:00 - 1:45 p.m. (Rm 173)



  • Guide students to develop “Acts of Service” lifestyles (i.e. what needs to be done?)
  • Teach students the Biblical reasons why we serve
  • Cultivate a mission-minded community and school culture (100% participation)
  • Be the hands and feet of Jesus
How We Reach Our Goals
Grade Specific Mission Focus Population
  • Kindergarten: Victims of Emergencies (Sept)
  • 1st Grade: Orphans (Oct)
  • 3rd Grade: Military (Nov)
  • 2nd Grade: Elderly (Dec)
  • 4th Grade: Homeless (Jan)
  • 5th Grade: Inner City (Feb)
  • All School: Juarez, Mexico Easter Boxes (Mar)

Monthly Collection

  • Each grade has a designated month to collect items for their mission focus.
  • The entire school is invited to participate in the collection each month.

Mission Moments
Mission-related guests will share their experiences with students in the classroom each quarter.

Do Something Day
School-wide day of service projects in April

Middle School

Middle School students are in a unique stage in life and a pivotal place on their faith journey. The entire scope of instruction at CHCMS is to lead students toward identity in Christ and show them the importance of developing obedience and commitment in their individual walks with Christ. We pursue this end through weekly Chapel, Bible Class and our Ministry Outreach Program.


The Bible department at CHCMS is built upon the idea of relationship. We are created for relationships, first with God and then with others and the culture in which we live. Whether it's the Old Testament in 6th Grade, the New Testament in 7th Grade, or focusing on transformation in 8th Grade, it's all about relationships.


The weekly Middle School Chapel service is designed to ignite or stir up a fire in the hearts of students through dynamic worship, Biblical teaching and inspirational testimonies from guest speakers. Our desire is to provide a place where students can experience the love and power of God while being challenged in their faith and walk with Jesus Christ.


Since its inception, a key component of education in our Middle School has been a focus on service and outreach. As the school has grown, our outreach has expanded, giving us the opportunity to partner with a greater number of ministries as we strive to help meet the needs of our community.

In addition to our local ministry partnerships, the program now consists of a variety of steps designed with purpose and impact to take our students through process of first understanding the needs of the urban poor within our community to ultimately serving beyond it and impacting our nation for Christ.

Ministry in Motion

Three times throughout the school year, our students are divided into smaller groups that branch out and serve over 22 different ministries in our community. Partnering with such organizations as World Vision, the Salvation Army, Denver Rescue Mission, Ronald McDonald House, senior centers, private and public inner city schools, and various local food banks, 100 percent of our students and staff are involved in helping to meet the needs of our community. Through assisting with such tasks as serving lunch, packing food bags, sorting medical supplies, tutoring young children, packing international care bags and more, our students experience first-hand what is it like to work in a relief ministry and experience the blessing of serving others.

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