Upper School

Biblical Worldview

  • Chapel time is an essential time for presenting the gospel of Christ and life/identity training. Students may also serve as members of the praise band/leaders.
  • Bible classes focus on how we are to be different from the world while living in it. 6th Grade - Old Testament, 7th Grade - Life of Christ, 8th Grade – Acts and Pauline Epistles/High School Prep.
  • Relationships Units are taught throughout the year with a Biblical focus.
  • Core and elective classes include planned and spontaneous teachable moments and activities.
  • Staff development includes monthly training in strategies to help students see life and learning through a Biblical World View.


  • Cherry Hills Christian Middle School offers quarterly opportunities for students to serve in 24 locations around the Denver Metro Area.
  • Students have three opportunities annually to give to local area food banks.
  • Christmas Outreach for all students supporting Musana, sister school in Uganda – through Dodge For A Cause, dodge ball tournament and associated activities.
  • All grades enjoy the privilege of Mission Week excursions – 6th Grade - Inner City, 7th Grade - Las Cruces NM, 8th Grade - Lakota Reservation, SD.

Class Size

  • Core Class Teacher to Student Ratio are 1:18, with a 24 student maximum.
  • Specials (Required classes such as P.E., Music, Art and Computer) and Elective class ratios are 1:15, with a 25 student maximum.
  • Foreign Language class ratios are 1:17 with a 25 student maximum.


  • Curriculum is mapped and spiraled at all grade levels, in all subject areas.
  • Core courses are emersion-based, while elective courses are topical and often activity based.
  • Math is ability grouped.
  • Cherry Hills Christian Middle School teaches transition from concrete to abstract thought and critical thinking.
  • Students are taught to be self-advocates.
  • Students understand the value of difficult assignments, home practice, research and service.
  • Based on motivation and ability, students are prepared to take honors courses upon graduation.
  • Accountability with grace is offered to all Cherry Hills Christian Middle School students. Expectations are high, but instructors understand the developmental uniqueness of the age group.


  • Cherry Hills Christian Middle School has an established “House” community system in place. They are named for a section of Mark 12:30 ...Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength.
  • The purpose of each of the four houses is to generate unity, community, identity and school pride.
  • The Houses are made up of smaller groups called “life groups or living rooms” whose purpose is support one another...student to student and dialogue over critical issues or topics generated in chapel.


  • A variety of sports are offered to all Cherry Hills Christian Middle School students.
  • Participation fees apply.
  • All participants are offered a position on one of the teams, regardless of skill level.
  • Fall sports include: boys soccer, co-ed golf, girls volleyball.
  • Winter sports Include: boys and girls basketball, boys volleyball (March).
  • Spring sports include: co-ed track, girls soccer, intramural co-ed tennis.
  • Click here for more detailed program information.

Fine Arts

Cherry Hills Christian Middle School offers a very robust fine arts program. Please click here for more detailed information.