• The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and aligned with the Colorado Department of Education Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines.
  • Bible stories, Bible verses and character development are integrated throughout the curriculum with practical application given to every day events.
  • The curriculum encourages engagement through hands-on experiences in learning centers, small groups and large groups.
  • The Preschool uses staff developed curriculum for children ages two to five years so that learning activities and themes are individualized to better meet the needs of the children enrolled.

The curriculum is a fluid, dynamic curriculum based on the following principles:


Children can access activities that involve a wide range of developmental levels. The curriculum meets the children where they are and enables them to reach goals that are both challenging and achievable. This is seen in open-ended learning activities and offering children multiple ways to engage lessons.


Activities are chosen that are meaningful to the children so they are active and engaged. The curriculum builds on the children’s prior learning experiences as a foundation to organize and process new information. Teachers are responsive to children’s previous experiences, current knowledge and interests.

Best Practice

It is based on knowledge and research of how children learn and develop. Teaching strategies are appropriate to children’s age and developmental levels and attuned to each child’s uniqueness. Best practice engages children through the language of play and is built upon strong relationships as a foundation for learning.


The curriculum centers around particular themes that address the following areas: math, science, literacy, language, small and large motor, social-emotional, creative arts, music and spiritual development. This allows children to engage thematic materials by learning in multiple ways with a biblical worldview.