Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate:

By concentrating on the development of the whole child, Cherry Hills Christian Preschool (CHCP) strives to help lay a spiritual and academic foundation that leads to success in learning, while fostering inspiration and encouragement to grow through the challenges of childhood. Upon completing CHCP, we envision children will have a love of learning that compels them to investigate, ask questions, problem solve and contribute ideas. They will have an appreciation of who they are and what they can do as well as an appreciation for the gifts and talents of others.

Spiritually, children will grow deeper in their faith journey and begin to use a Christian worldview as a filter to make choices. They will see themselves as individuals uniquely created by God with gifts and talents to be developed and used for Him. They will come to know God’s redemptive plan as revealed through the Bible. Additionally, they will express themselves in prayer to God using their own thoughts, feelings and needs.

Children will demonstrate literacy and numeracy skills that are the foundations for academic success in Kindergarten at Cherry Hills Christian. They will develop the ability to think and problem solve in a way that enables them to understand and articulate concepts and apply them to all areas of learning.

On an age-appropriate level, the children will be active participants in a community of learners that cooperates and ministers to others. Children will have the ability to express their ideas and feelings in creative ways. Since we were created to be in relationship with one another, children will use appropriate social skills to relate to their peers and the adults around them.