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King Soopers Rewards Program

Neighborhood Rewards Program

King Soopers recently announced important changes to their Neighborhood Rewards Program that affect our school. It will now be similar to the Target Red Card program.

Beginning April 1, 2019, individual families will no longer be able to earn rebates by reloading their King Soopers gift cards (that you received from CHC). Instead, a rebate will be awarded to CHC at the organization level. The funds awarded to Cherry Hills Christian School will be used to help support our ongoing security improvements. A 5% reward amount from King Soopers no longer exists and in its place King Soopers will evaluate Cherry Hills Christian’s earnings for each quarter and award an amount relative to all King Soopers rewards participants (non-profit organizations) as a whole. The reward amount/percentage can vary from quarter to quarter depending on what percentage our CHC families purchase as a percentage of all the programs/families participating in the rewards program. The total rewards pool allocated to CHC will be increased with each family that links their card to benefit CHC and makes purchases at King Soopers and Kroger affiliates.

To have your King Soopers purchases credited to CHC, each family will need to go to to link your King Soopers loyalty card to Cherry Hills Christian School. (This loyalty card is the same card/account that allows you to get in-store discounts, load digital coupons, and use your discounts for fuel, etc.).

Steps to Link Your Loyalty Card to CHC:

1. If you do not have a loyalty card/alternate ID already, please go to your neighborhood King Soopers to enroll in store.

2. After receiving your loyalty card, go to Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the Community section, click on “King Soopers Community Rewards” and then click on the “Enroll Now” button

3. Sign in to your loyalty reward account.

4. You should automatically be taken to the Community Rewards page, but if not, select “Community Rewards” tab on the left side of the page. 

5. In the box under “Find an Organization”, input the code “VC542” This is the code for CHC. Click “search”. Your search results will show a box that says Cherry Hills Christian School. 

6. Click “enroll”. Your purchases are now automatically linked to CHC! Thank you once again for supporting our school and ongoing security improvements by shopping at King Soopers.

Please contact Christian Minner, at 303.325.8277, with specific questions. Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions.