Supporting the Vision of Cherry Hills Christian

2018 - 2019 Annual Fund Campaign

Dear Cherry Hills Christian Family and Friends,

God is on the move! He is leading us through a process of redefining our identity. He is reviving education at Cherry Hills Christian, and we hope that you have had the opportunity to experience the renewed energy in the building.

In this spirit, we are extremely excited to announce the official launch of the 2018-2019 Annual Fund Campaign!

This year’s Annual Fund Campaign is not just about raising money. This campaign is about fueling the momentum that will redefine Cherry Hills Christian and build upon our thirty-three year legacy. Together as one body, we initiate a new vision.

As we eagerly anticipate a new campus, we recognize that the transformation into our redefined identity begins now. Although some current students may not experience the new campus, all students will experience our revived school.

What does a revived school look like? It's a school that recognizes that each student is a divine masterpiece, understanding the intrinsic value of every student and being capable of (1) personalizing education to meet their unique strengths and weaknesses, (2) developing a culture that is for the success and growth of every student and family, (3) inspiring students to life-long learning, (4) preparing students academically and personally for life’s challenges, (5) structuring an educational environment that prioritizes well-being and stability and (6) rooting students in the deep love of God. Graduates of this revived school will be highly trained, capable human beings who know and love themselves because they have fallen in love with their Creator!

How do we get there? The seeds of this revived school are being planted now and through your strong partnership we will provide the enriched soil needed to effectively realize this new vision. Ongoing prayer for the school, a desire for continued healing and growth in your home, a commitment to a trust-based school culture, and financial giving to the school will all contribute to healthy, sustainable growth. 

Let’s rally together around this new vision and give as God has placed in our hearts. Every gift counts because each one is a statement of support for the direction of the school. What a powerful statement of unity it would be if 100% of our families contributed to this year's annual fund. 

The next steps to bring this vision to life are presented below. These are the actionable items that your financial gifts will support.

CHC Advancement Goals

Development of Enhanced Curriculum

Funds dedicated to the academic advancement of Cherry Hills Christian will specifically support the development of enhanced curriculum that will be better aligned PreK-8th grade. Curriculum alignment will increase student learning and personal development, while simultaneously reducing homework.

Curriculum Alignment Timeline: 

  • Hiring of Curriculum Director  
  •  Step 1 - Curriculum Audit, Spring 2019
  • Step 2 - Write Graduate Outcomes, Spring 2019
  • Step 3 - Write Department/Class Outcomes by Grade, Summer 2019
  • Step 4 - Write Custom Curriculum in Humanities, Summer 2019 & Summer 2020
    • Step 4b - Create solutions for under-challenged students, materials & teacher training , Summer 2019
  • Step 5 - Begin Implementing Student Profile - Fall 2019
  • Step 6 - Write Custom Curriculum In All Subjects, Summers 2020-2022
  • Step 7 - Begin Yearly Curriculum Development and Refinement Process (Give Standardized Assessments/Internal Benchmarks, Share and Analyze Data, Fall 2021

PreK-8th Grade Academic Support Department


Each child learns and grows in different ways, at different times. An Academic Support Department would allow Cherry Hills Christian to meet the individual, academic needs of each student. 

This department will provide: 

  • In-house tutoring 
  • Special Education Department
  • Individualized Data That Informs Interventions 
  • Gifted and Talented Program Enhancement
  • Summer School Opportunities 
  • Enrichment Activities


PreK-8th Grade Art and Athletic Enhancements

Our goal at Cherry Hills Christian is to offer comprehensive, competitive art and athletic departments for our students in PreK-8th grade. 

Enhancements could include: 

  • Build developmental offerings beginning in Kindergarten
  • Development of competitive offerings that compete in and against local club teams
  • Hire transformative coaches and directors who know their craft and are skilled in spiritual and character development 
  • New field we can use immediately while waiting for the new campus
  • Sport, art and music materials, supplies and instruments 

STEAM Lab Enhancements

Enhancements to our existing STEAM Lab would provide CHC students with invaluable educational experiences that wouldn't be possible without technology! 

Lab Enhancements could include: 

  • Virtual reality lab
  • Training in Design Thinking
  • 3-D printers
  • Materials for students to build computers from scratch or kits
  • Rocketry materials
  • Computers and software designed for media arts

New Campus Pre-building Costs

As we prepare for a new building, there are several upfront costs that will need to be covered. 

Anticipated pre-building costs:

  • Hiring of an Operations Manager
  • Research and Development 
  • Multiyear strategic business plan to include educational vision, market demographics and financial proformas 
  • New campus site and architectural programming conceptual study - Very high level forecast
  • Development of total project budget for capital construction to include design, construction and owner's cost
  • Development of capital fundraising strategy and timeline that integrates funding and construction schedules

Full-time Armed Security Guard

Cherry Hills Christian places high value on the safety and security of our staff, students and building. We would benefit greatly with the presence of a full-time, armed security guard on campus Monday-Friday each week. 

School-owned Transportation

School owned transportation would provide additional educational and athletic opportunities for CHC students, while increasing student safety traveling to off campus events. 

Leadership and Spiritual Life Retreats

At Cherry Hills Christian, we value personal relationships with Jesus and each other. Leadership and spiritual life retreats will allow staff and students invaluable time together to learn from one another and celebrate each other's differences. Through doing activities together, we will understand that life is a journey best lived in the context of friendship. 

Our desire is to have each class, 3rd - 8th grade, attend student leadership exhibitions to enhance leadership skills, fuel friendships and bring students closer to the world God created. 

Tuition Assistance

It is the desire of Cherry Hills Christian to make tuition assistance 10% of our annual operating budget. This will increase opportunities for mission aligned families to be part of our CHC community. 

Outdoor Kitchen Solution

The health of our students is a top priority at Cherry Hills Christian. The gut is the central component to physical and mental health. We are excited to potentially partner with an outdoor kitchen solution that would have the ability to provide healthy lunch options for our students each day. 

As you prayerfully consider your gift to the advancement of the school, know that we are committed to spending these funds wisely. To ensure understanding regarding the usage of funds, I am encouraging you to participate in an open dialogue. I invite you to schedule a meeting with me.

We are also thrilled to announce a significant change to the Annual Fund Campaign this year. Now all monies donated will serve exclusively to address the advancement needs of the school. In regards to changes to the child care tax credit, which will most likely be instituted before Jan 1, 2019, please contact your accountant for details.

We trust you will join us during this pivotal moment in our school's history as we build upon our strong foundation and look forward to reviving education together. We are thankful for you and pray blessings for your family.

United In Christ,

Matt Cartier

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Memorials and Honors

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